Whole Living Body Services

Massage and Body Services for the Whole Family

If you have been searching for an experienced Massage Therapist to help you get your body back on track and feeling great again or maybe you’re just searching for some healthy, whole living habits to incorporate into your daily routines, Robin Shatz at Whole Living Body & Birth Services is here to help.

Robin Shatz C.M.T, has been practicing Therapeutic Massage for over 28 years. She is an experienced Practitioner in Ortho-Bionomy, Neuro-Muscular, Myofascial and Deep Tissue Medical Massage Therapies. She takes pride in providing treatment options for a wide range of injuries and ailments. Best of all, her services are tailored for men and women of all ages including seniors, children and infants.

Because we all know there is no one size fits all approach, Robin’s massage and body services are tailored to each client based on their individual needs. This is to ensure each and every client receives the very best treatment options available.

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