In this class the Pregnant Couple learn not only ‘Tools of Touch’  for a successful birth but also the continual learning of good communication that extends through pregnancy, birth, early parenting and beyond.

This 2 evening class teaches the Partner to confidently understand the needs of the Pregnant Mom-to-be through the important aspect of ‘Touch’.  The Partner plays a very important role in the birth process and to understand and use hands-on safe and effective massage techniques boosts the one-of-a-kind experience for each couple and their own ‘birth’ needs. Communication is also an integral part of the birth process and this class creates a safe and educational understanding of how to translate the thoughts and feelings of pregnancy, labor and early parenting to each other.


WLB&B Partner-led Prenatal Massage Class also includes;


*A 2 hour class in a safe and peaceful environment.

*A class (group) gives each couple a sense off support

*We include in each class a focused approach to breathing and relaxation between the couple.

*Communication skills, that focus on the couple as a team and the growth to early parenting.

*Massage techniques to relax the Mom-to-be and to be later used in the labor process.

*We help with each couple to create their own special script of comfort in this special time.

*We are here to help with special issues that each Mom-to-be may face including areas of specific discomfort like pelvic pain or back issues.


***This class works successfully with the additional  ‘Active Birth Childbirth Class’

Partner-Led Prenatal Massage Class

October 15 sat 3:00pm-6:00pm

Class starts promptly

20 min break/snacks